Each and every bike we assemble gets a complete once-over. It’s our TrailWerks Pro Build.  It is typical for bike shops to simply unbox a bike, attach a few parts and sell it to you as fast as possible. TrailWerks opens a box and disassembles the bike to ensure that the factory assembled it properly. What this means to our customers is a more reliable bike that requires less time in the shop, more time in the woods. And we don’t charge extra for this crucial bike-build service. It’s part of the TrailWerks ethic.

Mountain Bikes

TrailWerks is the regional leader in mountain bikes! We service everything we sell and almost everything you can possibly find! We maintain a fleet of demo and rental bikes for your enjoyment. Friend in town? Bike in the shop and you don’t want to miss a ride? Do you want to check out the latest and greatest? If you want to spin down the trail to explore your local park or race downhill on the local circuit, we can get you set up with the bike and product to keep you rolling. No one in the area has more disc brake pads, drivetrain parts and gear to keep you smiling in the woods!

Our sister company TrailWerks Suspension Service is here to help you get the most out of your suspension, from maintenance, upgrades and tuning. We are authorized dealers for RockShox, Fox, MRP, DVO, Ohlins, Manitou and Marzocchi.


You can’t forget the kids, right!? We have kids. We want your kids to ride. And we have bikes for your kids. BMX, sidewalk-spinning, first-timers, geared bikes for longer rides on-road and off. We stock kick-bikes for learners and trick bikes for little pros. Your kids are more than welcome at TrailWerks and our kids spend a lot of time here too, learning to change flats and helping Dad.

TrailWerks Demo Program

Ready to fall in love with a new bike? TrailWerks allows customers to demo any of our bikes for any amount of time. Friends coming in from out of town for a ride? We can get them fit and out the door on one of our stock bikes for a week or weekend. And if you decide you want to buy a different bike from us, just take your deposit and apply it to any bike you want!